OFAM is a Christian faith based non-profit organization founded for the following purpose:

(a) To make provision of resources to deserving orphans and widows in Liberia and Uganda with the aim of promoting health, wellbeing and impacting knowledge.

(b) For the education of needy and deserving poor orphans and widows in Liberia and Uganda through providing food assistance, apparels, the founding of scholarships and the erection or endowment of school buildings.

(c) To protect the body, enrich the mind, and nurture the spirit of orphans and widows in Liberia and Uganda.
Our Father's Arms Ministry (OFAM) is funded solely on contributions and donations from our faithful donors, sponsors and supporters. As the need for prompt intervention in the lives of the children and women we serve continues to increase rapidly, so is OFAM need for more supporters and donors.

OFAM has completed its first project of distributing footwear to one particular village in Liberia. However, that was only a fraction of an ounce of the need to protect these children feet as they continue to walk around in unsafe areas looking for means of survival. There are millions of children in the villages of Uganda and Liberia who lives depend on receiving basic life necessities such as healthy and nutritious food, clothing, footwear, etc in order to live.

Every donation made to Our Father's Arms Ministry (OFAM) is put toward purchasing supplies and payment for shipping in order to answer another cry from a mother and her children.

Will you please partner with us today? We need your prayers, financial contributions, basic supplies and other materials such as children clothing and footwear. Thank you.

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